Business Consulting

Our professional management team understands the significance of operations and quality and their combined effect on the output

Our Implementation

We work alongside national and international firms

YDTS has been consultant to corporates and has consultants who offer invaluable industry knowledge, contacts, awareness of new and emerging trends and sensitivity to current marketplace issues. Competency Based Interviewing using rigorous screening and personal interviewing form part and parcel of YDTS’ assessment process. Our Consultants have not only the specialized skills, but also the ability to understand the bigger picture and visualize the path ahead. Since our inception we have been steadily growing both in terms of size and reputation, as an outsourcing company to be reckoned with.


Our Practices

With one of the largest verticals globally, CRS is emerging as a hotbed of consumer and retailing activity. The demand for professional who understand one of the most diverse set of consumers and their preferences has meant that talent in this sector is being recognized globally as one of the best available. At YDTS a team of dedicated consultants and researchers with their in-depth knowledge and networking abilities provide our clients with the most detailed coverage of this sector.

Led by companies with strong engineering capabilities, economies of scale, a competitive cost base and a large pool of engineering talent, EPI is fast emerging as global player in this sector. YDTS is strongly placed to assist both Indian and multinational companies in identifying the right candidate. Our team comprises of highly professional consultants with extensive experience in the multiple verticals that make up this sector, making YDTS the one-of-a-kind player to service even turnkey solutions for our clients.

With the largest film industry globally, an increasingly lauded and awarded advertising industry and the largest cable & satellite television market, the EMC industry has begun to attract global media conglomerates. YDTS has a dedicated team, which has executed mandates for both global and local media conglomerates.

Concentrating on top/ senior and middle management professionals, the teams is capable of handling complex one-off requirements and turnkey solutions for our clients. With technology assignments executed across industry domains, we are proud to be associated with leading Indian and Multinational clients who offer challenging work environment and rewarding careers.

In the complex world of finance and professional services, there is a need for consultants who are more than recruiters. They need to have the ability to partner with clients to understand the nuances of high finance and the integrity to have credibility with both clients and candidates. Our team of dedicated consultants and Researchers has the ability to provide just that. We executed mandates across diverse areas such as asset management, banking, capital markets, insurance, investment banking, private equity and professional services.

The pharmaceutical and life sciences industry is poised for a giant leap. To partner our clients in this sector as they push outwards into the regulated global markets and consolidate their operations in the marketplace, YDTS has in place a dedicated team of consultants and researchers. This team executed mandates in diverse areas of manufacturing, international sales and quality control for both Fortune 500 clients and emerging Indian corporate.

The ITES/ BPO segment is one of the most significant business opportunities for the Global Software and services Industry. To service the unique requirements of this high growth industry, YDTS has a dedicated team of Consultants and Researchers.

This service will allow you to maximize your work force flexibility in today’s rapidly changing business environment. You can lower the head count, lower the pay roll and adjust staff levels as workloads change. All you need to do is approve time sheets and pay weekly invoices and let YDTS handle everything else. Fee is based on the difficulty of the position.

Our Screening Process

As every search is different, and every client has different needs, YDTS’ goal is to understand you and your business so that we function as an integral part of it. We add consultative value whenever possible to find the top talent in the industry.

With our knowledge and experience, as well as the ability to understand corporate synergy, we present only the most qualified
candidates that match your requirements and objectives.



Executive Search begins with an agreement signed between the client and Recruiting Edge based on mutually agreeable terms.


Need Assessment

In a detailed discussion with the client, we analyze the company’s needs to determine the required skill set.


Specification of Position

After needs assessment, we prepare a written position specification details


Strategy and Research

We develop a search strategy that results in the identification of the most qualified candidate.


Identification of Candidates

Through our extensive range of contacts and networks, we identify and contact all potential candidates. During this period, we report progress frequently to the client.


Candidate Interviews

Our detailed interviewing process allows us to match the requisites of the position and ensures that the candidate can function successfully within the culture, management style and philosophy of the client's organization.


Reference Checking

Prior to the candidate/client interviews, we contact individuals who are capable of providing insights about the candidate's qualifications. The collective comments made by these references are then reviewed with the client.


Client/Candidate Interviews

We ensure that the client is fully briefed about each candidate's interview and that each candidate is fully aware of the nature and demands of the position.


Candidate Evaluation

We help the client, where appropriate, to access candidates against each element of the specification and to use this assessment to assist the client in forming his or her own conclusion.



Our involvement with the client and candidate continues after the offer is accepted. We maintain ongoing relationships with the client and candidate through periodic phone calls or visits.